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The Silver Lake area is located on the west side of Michigan approximately halfway up the state’s coastline on Lake Michigan. In particular, you’ll find us right between Ludington—about 40 minutes to our north—and Muskegon—about 45 minutes to our south.

Aside from Silver Lake itself, our local area includes the towns of Mears, Hart, Pentwater, Shelby, and Whitehall/Montague. There’s so much to see and do here, we advise sticking around for a while so you can take in as much as you can!

To get here, check out the map below, or feel free to reference these driving directions, which will direct you to Silver Lake from wherever you may be coming from.

In addition to driving directions, you’ll find that has a number of wonderful resources on the area, including how to be safe on the dunes when off-roading.

The Silver Lake Area

The Silver Lake area is one of the most beautiful regions in West Michigan with the main sightseeing attraction being, none other than, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Whereas most people think of sand dunes being only in desert climates, the Silver Lake dunes are certainly no desert wasteland. To the contrary, these dunes lie nestled between two lakes—beloved Lake Michigan to the west and the much smaller, but just as stunning, Silver Lake to the east.


Community at Its Best

If you’ve never been to Silver Lake before, you’ll be happy to find that it’s a wonderful place to bring your family. Our West Michigan area is a close-knit network of small communities with agriculture, nature, and a buzzing tourism industry at its core.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the country and the world to see the dunes of Silver Lake and admire our lucky vantage point on Lake Michigan. If you’re thinking of being one of them, we hope you follow through! We’d love to welcome you and your family to Silver Lake, and especially, to Sandy Shores Campground.